Hot Water Systems Repair

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Electric & Gas Hot Water Installation And Restoration.

When it comes to your taking a shower, doing the dishes, or washing your clothes, it’s important to have your tap at just the right temperature. Having a well-heated home removes the inconvenience of feeling left inside in the cold, keeping you warm and snug especially during the winter months. With Mr. Pipes on your side, you can rest assured that there won’t be an ounce of icy cold taps in your bathroom, kitchen, and laundry. No matter the problem, we’ll get it sorted with the help of our trusty hot water plumbers in Canberra here to save the day! Maybe your existing tank is leaking? Maybe you are looking to change from electric to gas or vice versa? Maybe your tank just isn’t warm enough? Whatever your situation, Mr. Pipes is on hand to get your shower heated and steamy again. We can supply and input a new heated tank with our gas hot water installation services. Our exceptional gas fitters in Canberra can insert the right supplies if you want to make the switch, organising an electrician if you want to change to electric. We can also make your tank any size you’d like, big or small. Whatever you desire, our hot water plumbers will do their very best to help you so that your tap is ready and on hand whenever you need it.

Hot Water Plumbers

Have you ever stopped and contemplated what a luxury having a heated tank for your home is? If your taps running cold, you’re definitely missing out on the indulgent and soothing quality of a lukewarm bath or shower.

Our hot water plumbers in Canberra understand how important having a tepid hydraulic tank is in the ACT. Especially, given how cold the weather gets!

Whether it’s a hot water systems repair or replacement, we can fix it pronto!

Electric Storage Hot Water Heater Repair & Replacement

Electric storage hydraulic tanks are very common in ACT homes. As local plumbers for hot water systems in Canberra, we deal with these units on a daily basis. They can be placed either inside or outside, range from 25 litres through to 400 litres, and are generally quite reliable. If you are having problems with your heated tank or need replacing for your hot water system, please get in touch with us, and we will get to the bottom of this.

We can:

No matter the issue, our friendly, professional, and reliable hot water plumbers in Canberra is on hand to get the problem solved!

Gas Storage Hot Water Installation & Replacement

Gas hot water installation is another common choice for residents in the ACT as these units are cheaper than electric to run and can be very efficient in producing large volumes for a decent price. These are generally placed outside but can also be put internally if a flue pipe is run to discharge the flue gases properly. If you are having problems with your heated hydraulic tank or are looking for a new one, please get in touch with our highly experienced gas fitters in Canberra.

We can:

No matter the issue with your gasoline-heated unit, the friendly, professional, and reliable team at Mr. Pipes is on the case to make your tank piping hot.

Continuous Flow/Instantaneous Heated Units

A popular choice in new and upcoming suburbs when upgrading from an old unit, the Mr. Pipes crew have undertaken countless inductions of continuous flow/instantaneous systems. Continuous flow (or instant) units are designed to keep delivering tepid temperatures for as long as you have the tap running. Perfect for large families, you will never have to worry about getting the dreaded last shower when the tank has started to run cold! These units are generally high-performing in terms of energy efficiency, and quite a few of these units have been awarded 7 Stars on the energy efficiency scale.

We can:

Call us at Mr. Pipes today, and our punctual, well-presented and honest guys will get your continuous flow heated unit sorted on the dot!

Safety & Precaution

Is your tap burning up? Is the water boiling, posing a risk to your family or visitors to your home? The average delivery temperature of domestic heated units is 70 degrees Celsius. A much safer temperature is 50 degrees. This is because when your tap is at a lower temperature, it takes longer to cause injury.
If you want to improve the safety of your heated unit, then give us a call at Mr. Pipes. We can investigate and advise a solution to protect you and your family from the risk of scalding and burns.

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