Blocked Pipes

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Sinks, Basins, Laundries, Dishwashers, Toilets, Sewer, Stormwater. If You Have A Blocked Pipe, We Can Help.

Sinks & Basins

Common blockages caused by food scraps, grease, hair, toothpaste and an accumulation over time of gunk that leads to slow draining and blocked pipes. Problems can also be caused by tree roots, broken pipes or foreign objects. No matter the cause, Mr Pipes can offer a solution.


Toilets can become blocked from the excess use of toilet paper, foreign objects or the flushing of products not designed to be flushed. Remember the 3 P’s (Poo, pee and toilet paper). If it’s not one of the P’s then it’s not meant to be flushed. Tree roots are also a major cause of blockages in canberra drainage systems. We have extensive experience in clearing blocked drains and getting toilets flushing again!


If the water in the shower is not draining properly then you should call Mr Pipes to come and take care of it for you. It may be a build up of hair, soap, shampoo and scum. No problem, we will take care of it. It could also be tree roots or similar. Whatever the cause, Mr Pipes can provide a solution for you.

Floor wastes

Floor wastes are similar to shower drains. If these are a concern to you, give us a call!

Stormwater drains

Your stormwater drains may be overflowing because of tree roots, squashed pipes, broken pipes, dirt and sediment in the drain or because they just do not have a large enough capacity to deal with a large volume of water. Whatever the problem, we can assess the problem and provide a solution to help have your stormwater drains working properly.

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