• Looking for ways to unblock a drain in your Canberra home?
  • Do you think human hair is blocking up you drain pipes?
  • Learn how to unblock a drain with a plunger!


To unblock a bathroom, laundry or kitchen sink using a plunger:

how to unblock a sink using a plunger photo

how to unblock a sink using a plunger

    1. Remove the pop up drain from the sink (if you have one).
    2. Wet a tea-towel and use it to seal up the sink overflow drain (if applicable)
    3. Apply vasoline to the bottom lip of the plunger.
    4. Place the plunger over the drain hole.
    5. Run water in the sink so it covers a few cm’s of the plunger.
    6. Now, plunge up and down several time in quickly – you should feel a bit of ‘suction or resistance’.
    7. Now lift the plunger up out of the sink to allow the water to drain.  Note if the water now drains more freely?
    8. Repeat steps 4-6 a few times.

If using a plunger doesn’t clear the drain, remove the P-trap from under the sink and clean it out by hand.

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