If you have a plumbing problem, it is highly recommended to hire the services of a reliable, professional Plumber in Canberra. An experienced plumber plays a very important role in getting you out of trouble and helps save a lot of money and time. When there’s a need to hire a professional Canberra plumber, the best option is Mr Pipes in Canberra. Hiring an inexperienced plumber could see you lose a lot of money by hiring another plumber to fix the poor workmanship of the last plumber.

When searching for a Canberra plumber to help with your plumbing issues at home or in your workplace, consider the following factors.


Before hiring a plumber in Canberra, make sure they are a fully licensed, insured and accredited Plumber and gas fitter company. This offers additional protection should there be any injury case or damage while working on your property. Also, make sure to confirm if the Canberra plumber has both liability and compensation insurance for workers. Before allowing anyone work on your property, it is highly recommended to ask necessary questions if they have insurance covering your property.


You’ll be left in a confused state after paying for the services of a plumber to repair a fixture and finding out that the problem still persist after the plumber has left. Does it mean you have to pay an extra fee calling back the plumber to have the problem fixed once again? In order to avoid such errors, you should check if the plumber offers a guarantee and warranty. Many of the top plumbers in Canberra won’t charge you if something of this nature arises. Make sure you ask whether their work is guaranteed. If their response is not convincing, then you can look somewhere else. If you can get a good guarantee from the Canberra plumber, then you don’t have to worry paying for the works to be done again. With Mr Pipes, all works are guaranteed including our lifetime no drip guarantee.


One of the most important factors to consider when hiring a plumber in Canberra is reputation. There are lots of plumbers on the internet today, but how do you really know who you’re hiring? The most reliable and trusted way is asking family and friends for referrals. By so doing, you’ll know if the plumber is proficient, reliable and competent to go ahead with the plumbing job.

Mr Pipes plumbing company Canberra will be so glad to help fix your plumbing issues. We are highly experienced when it comes to performing plumbing job. With our many years of experience in the plumbing business, we guarantee outstanding and affordable service. We are a fully licensed, insured and accredited Plumber and gas fitter company in Canberra. At Mr Pipes, we have a team of professionals equipped with the right tools to help fix your plumbing issue in a timely manner.

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