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How to use a plunger to unblock a drain?

Looking for ways to unblock a drain in your Canberra home?
Do you think human hair is blocking up you drain pipes?
Learn how to unblock a drain with a plunger!

To unblock a bathroom, laundry or kitchen sink using a plunger:

Remove the pop up drain from the sink (if you have one).
Wet a tea-towel and use it […]

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How to choose the best plumber in Canberra

If you have a plumbing problem, it is highly recommended to hire the services of a reliable, professional¬†Plumber in Canberra. An experienced plumber plays a very important role in getting you out of trouble and helps save a lot of money and time. When there‚Äôs a need to hire a professional Canberra plumber, the best […]

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